Artist Statement

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I have been an artist all my life, and have been selling my art in galleries for 40 years. I could no more stop being an artist, than I could stop breathing.

I do not paint realistically, because I feel in realism there are no surprises. What you see is always the same, whereas, in non-objective and abstract work, such as mine, there are, hopefully,new things to discover all the time. I want to interpret what I see, by the use of design, color, texture, contrast and composition.

I would like my work to be an escape by combining the abstract and non-objective with shapes found in nature. The viewer should feel a color impact at first sight, and then find compositional variables, depth and subtleties upon further observation. Curvilinear qualities are also evident in my work, due largely, to years of calligraphic work.

I usually have coloration in mind, but not a subject matter. When I begin a painting, I rarely draw anything on the paper. I don’t want to be limited by pre-set ideas. Some of my work ends up completely different than it started. It can go through several metamorphoses before I am happy with it.

For the last several years I’ve been adding various media to my work. I use watercolor, gouache, fluid acrylic, inks (colored and India), watercolor pencils, craft paints and metal powders. I find the plethora of acrylic products that are on the market to be very exciting and challenging. There are products that produce textures: crackles, stringy, thick, opaque, coarse and slick. There are also new colors that are intense and vibrant. I also have a love-hate relationship with the new Yupo paper, which is actually plastic. It’s like painting on Formica.

As my tools, I use large brushes, sponges and sponge brushes, spray bottles, powders, cheesecloth, salt, wax paper, plastic wrap, acrylic media, tapes, scratchers, powdered charcoal, crayons and just about anything that intrigues me.

I have been producing collages for corporations and private individuals in recent years. I, also, have been working in tooled metals combined with sculpted acrylic medias.

I hope you find that my work stirs your imagination.

-Patricia Mayhew Hamm